3D Game Programmer    

Candidate must be self motivated, capable of meeting deadlines, and work well in a team environment. Strong passion for videogames & solid communication skills are required.

Work closely with producers, designers and artists in a team.
Write, maintain, and document cross platform all kinds of systems involved in making a 3D game.
Work with OpenGL, DirectX, OpenGL|ES, and/or PSGL hardware abstraction layers.
Qualifications Other Requirements:
Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience
Thorough understanding of software engineering concepts with fluency in C/C++, assembly knowledge a plus.
Ability to develop robust, reusable, adaptable and easily interpreted code.
Minimum one - two years game development experience .
Intermediate - expert knowledge of OpenGL and/or DirectX is required.
Good communication skills, both written and verbal, Ability to interface and communicate effectively with a wide range of game development professionals.
The discipline and self-initiative for delivering on schedule, Self motivated with strong work ethics.
Following Skills/Experiences Advantageous:
Strong 3D math skills.
Fixed point math experience.
Knowledge of GLSL, HLSL, and other shading languages.
Experience with at least one established Game development Engine.
Experience with software rendering, physics, game systems and/or AI.
Experience in writing 3DS Max / Maya / Photoshop and other plug-ins and/or scripts.
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