3D Artists (Environment Artists inc. Lighting):

We are looking for a number of environment artists to model, texture and light 3D environments and to model and texture additional props for environments.

3D modeling skills, including detailed buildings, vehicles, props, weapons, etc.
Knowledge of lighting techniques such as setting up lighting rigs, rendering attributes for in-game scenes, static images, cinematics and presentation materials.
Intermediate to advanced level of knowledge using Maya/Max and Photoshop.
Knowledge of ZBrush and procedural geometry generation packages such as XFrog is desirable, as is knowledge of shader creation and techniques.
Please note that increasingly on the next generation projects, artists are specializing in particular areas of the process. This means that you may be very talented in ‘just’ one of the areas mentioned above. If this is the case, please don’t be put off applying – we would like to hear from you.  
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