3D Artists (Modeling & Effects):

Qualifications/Experience & Skill Sets Required:
2 or more years in game development
1 or more game titles shipped
Strong portfolio, demo reel or website demonstrating high quality art renderings
3 or more years 3D Studio Max, Maya, XSI, or other 3D software with a focus of applicants specific discipline
3 or more years of Photoshop in a Windows based environment
Experience supporting and managing a small team or work group
Ability to communicate art style and vision within the specific discipline
Ability to work within a style including a style set by another artist
Understanding of techniques for graphical effects, such as multi-pass textures and shaders, character skinning, skeletal animation, HRD, etc.)
Adept at troubleshooting art assets
Mastery of MS Office
Traditional art foundation including color theory, lighting, and form.
College degree is a Plus
A passion for games
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