We are looking for Animators to create 3D art assets for a next generation game title under the direction of a Lead Artist. Ideal candidates should be self-driven, good communicators and great team-players with a strong passion for games.

Qualifications/Experience & Skill Sets Required:
Minimum 2-4 years game industry experience.
Strong portfolio, demo reel or website demonstrating high quality art renderings
3 or more years 3D Studio Max, Maya, XSI, or other 3D software with a focus of applicants specific discipline
3 or more years of Photoshop in a Windows based environment
Experience in first person shooters, action adventure and/or any genre of games.
Experience and proven ability in successfully driving the creation and implementation of art and/or animation for assigned projects.
Exceptional skill in animating the human bipedal figure as well as other organic forms.
Experience animating both human and non-human characters.
Solid grasp of the principles of body movement, anticipation, overshoot, follow-through, squash and stretch, and essential facets of both 2D and 3D animation is essential
Work well in a collaborative environment and readily take direction.
College degree is a Plus   Back
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